from Andreas Bertits
The domain of the action RPG System Shock 3 and System Shock 4 is now surprisingly owned by the Chinese company Tencent. Could Otherside find the company as a publisher for the game and a possible successor?

For a long time it looked like the action RPG System shock 3 stand before the end. Most of the employees no longer work at the developer studio Otherside and there was no sign of life from the game. Now that has changed.

Is System Shock 3 saved?

The domains and now belong to the Chinese games company Tencent. However, both sides are not yet active. What this means is unclear, since neither Otherside nor Tencent have commented on it. However, the developer studio was looking for a publisher for System Shock 3 last year. Perhaps this could now be found with Tencent.

That could mean that the game project was still saved. However, Tencent is more known for MMOs and mobile games. It is unlikely that System Shock 3 will suddenly become a pure online game. That would not be what the fans want. An optional multiplayer mode is however conceivable.

We may soon learn more about the situation and what has become of System Shock 3 and whether a fourth part is already planned.

Source: VideoGamesChronicle

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