The Mighty Caravan Brutosaurus is (with its proud price of 5,000,000 gold) probably the most expensive mount in WoW history (buy now for 39,99 €), On the one hand, this mount acts as a giant gold sink and grants proud owners access to the auction house in return. As we recently reported, ownership of the Mighty Caravan Brutosaurus with the coming big content patch 8.3 "Visions of N'Zoth" a new exploit.

This also has a very special reason, because this luxury mount will be removed with the upcoming expansion "Shadowlands" from the game and is thereafter only through the black market auction house to acquire.

Will the Auction House NPC be removed as well?

In recent weeks, numerous rumors circulated within the community, whether because the auction house NPC would also be removed. The reason given here is that the Reforging NPC was also removed from the reins of the Great Expeditionary yak.

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Now community manager "Kaivax" in the official WoW forum to say something and could calm the situation:

We want to make one thing clear – we do not intend to remove the Auction House NPC from this mount, especially if many players had to make such an effort to get hold of it. Of course, we still remember that we are the Reforging NPC of Reins of the great expedition yak removed – but only because the Reforging mechanism has been completely removed from the game.

The Mighty Caravan Brutosaurus represents a mount that fundamentally changes the way gamers play the world – permanent access to the Auction House is something unique and extremely useful, but by no means essential. In the past we could already observe how some luxury mounts (such as Reins of the tundra trunk of the traveler) were extremely rare and unique at first. While this was initially only used in large guilds and was paid for using the common guild budget, over time it has become more prevalent due to inflation.

We basically believe that moderate inflation is good for the game. It ensures that new or returning players can catch up and participate in the server economy without having to spend a lot of effort to afford the basic goods. In this case, we want to make sure in the long run that not everyone (because of inflation) is the owner of an auction house mount, and that it is just as prevalent as the current one big expedition yak,

What do you think of this explanation? Comprehensibly? Do you contradict Blizzard here? We look forward to your opinion!

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