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The Harvest League of Path of Exile is still running for a little more than a month and is a highlight for some players, especially due to its special crafting methods. But does this popularity also ensure that the league moves into the main game? The developers answer.

Anyone who has played a little Path of Exile probably knows the chaotic traits of crafting in GGG's ARPG. Lots of trial & error, which also enables incredibly powerful pieces of equipment. Because the adventurers in Wraeclast can only produce very little in a targeted manner. The chaos spheres as the basis of crafting represent this perfectly – they randomly change the values ​​of an item. But it was really different for the first time in the Harvest League. The crafting methods in the shrine also allowed casual gamers to craft the weapons and armor they wanted – instead of having to buy them from others. But the developers say we shouldn't cling to it: The harvest mechanic doesn't transition into the main game … but maybe eventually.

Why not Harvest in the main Path of Exile game?

It is clear to the developers that the "deterministic" crafting possibilities of Harvest have been well received – that was also the goal of this league, it should be an experiment. This was particularly successful at the beginning, but later became too trivial. Most powerful pieces of equipment, which otherwise required a lot of work and investment, were too easily available. This works in a temporary league, but would have a negative impact on the in-game economy if it were the case in the main game. The entire league would need some adjustments in order to have a place in the main game.

Skill Gem Mark of Penance in action in Path of Exile

New skill gems like the Harvest League Marks will definitely stay in play – they are not part of the Temporary League, but simply came into play with the Harvest Update.

Source: GGG

What has to change for a takeover of Harvest?

Normally league mechanics would show up on Atlas maps with a 10% chance of showing up, but that would definitely be frustrating with the slow play style of Harvest (visit ten Harvest areas to advance the Sacred Grove). Therefore the developers would have to look for an alternative way here. But that is time-consuming and therefore currently not feasible. Apart from that, there are also database problems due to the amount of data to be backed up. "This is a serious technical problem that we must resolve before we can permanently implement Harvest.", explains Natalia from GGG in the official forum.

"We want Harvest to be part of the main Path of Exile game one day (buy now) It is explicitly stated at the end of the official communication from the developers. However, it is currently not yet clear what the solution will be.

Source: Path of Exile

What is / was your experience with Harvest in Path of Exile like? Do you wish to be included in the main game? Or have you had enough of gardening after the temporary league? Write us in the comments!

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