The wide space is a fascinating field – not only in research, but also in culture. In addition to numerous films and books, the topic has therefore also been dealt with in video games. Some games, such as the PS5-exclusive Roguelike Returnal, deal more with the dark side, cosmic horror and the nasty creatures that live on the various, unknown planets.

The third-person-action-RPG Dolmen wants to do the same and presents a scenario in which humans have already colonized some planets in the universe. But that doesn’t mean that you already know the dark, uncertain expanses of space and that all dangers have been averted – on the contrary.

That’s what the alien-infested dolmen is all about

Because even though mankind has adapted to the rough conditions of the populated planets, one perks up when the unknown planet Revion Prime appears. Suddenly there is the possible existence of other universes and species in (space) space and of course you will immediately be sent to Revion Prime to collect samples there.

Because on the newly discovered planet there are rare crystals with unique properties, the eponymous “dolmens”. It’s just stupid that the planet is not unpopulated and that you have a bunch of nasty alien critters on your cheek in no time at all. It’s good that you landed on Revion Prime unarmed and that you can defend yourself against the multitudes of cruel creatures.

In order to survive, Dolmen gives you a number of different long-range and close-range weapons. The gameplay trailer not only shows the third-person combat system and the weapons just mentioned, but also serves a spotlight for the eerily beautiful aliens. The developers describe dolmen as a mixture of futuristic science fiction and cosmic horror.

Dolmen is scheduled to appear in 2022 and will then not only land on unknown planets, but also on the PC and all common consoles apart from the Nintendo Switch.

Those: PlayStation

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