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Orboreal shards for the production and upgrading of the base items for legendary items can be bought in Oribos, among other places. In our short tip, we'll tell you why you should avoid the local dealers.

If you want to create and upgrade base items for legendary items in WoW Shadowlands, you need a lot of Orboreal Shards. You can buy them in Oribos, among other places. However, the dealers there only want your best, namely your gold, and lots of it. You have to put 125 gold pieces on the table if you want to purchase a shard. But if you take the trouble to compare prices and accept a little potential leg work, you will get away much cheaper elsewhere.

Save real gold thanks to the fraction discount

You can not only buy the Orboreal Splinters in Oribos, but also from two other dealers who are in the Ardenwald and Bastion:

The highlight: the two traders offer you the Orboreal splinters, unlike the mediators in Oribos, with a reputation bonus at a reduced price. Depending on what reputation you have achieved with the respective faction, you only pay 100 gold per splinter in the best case – and with the amount of splinters you need for the production of the basic items, the savings quickly add up to several thousand gold.

Incidentally, the prices depending on the call status then look like this:

  • Neutral: 125 gold
  • Friendly – five percent discount: 118.75 gold
  • Benevolent – ten percent discount: 112.50 gold
  • Respectfully – 15 percent discount: 106.25 gold
  • Awesome – 20 percent discount: 100 gold

You can find out how you can farm reputation with both factions in the corresponding guides that we have linked to you above. By the way, if you play a goblin, you benefit from the racial ability Bargain hunters and buys the Orboreal splinters from the dealers in Ardenwald and Bastion for 100 gold each – regardless of the reputation level reached.

Source: Icy-Veins

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