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The first major update is due for Doom Eternal. As the developers say in a recent blog entry, the patch should be available for download in mid-May. The complete patch notes are not yet available. However, id Software gives a first look at the planned changes and innovations. The highlights include the starched demons. You can find out what this is all about and what Battle Mode improvements the Update 1 for Doom Eternal holds in the article.

Doom Eternal will soon receive update 1. The developers of id Software share in one current blog entry with that the patch is planned for mid-May. There is no specific date so far. The patch notes should also only be submitted when the update is released. However, there is already a first outlook on the planned changes and innovations. Id software promises "cool features and improvements". Among the highlights of the upcoming update for Doom Eternal are the starched demons.

Should you be eliminated in the Doom Eternal single player campaign, the demon that has defeated you will be strengthened and sent to another player's game. "Are you going to take on this challenge and avenge your fallen comrades? If honor is not an incentive enough, then maybe the huge amount of health, ammunition and bonus XP that will beckon you if you win," the developers write in view of the patch notes to the Doom Eternal Update 1. There are also improvements for the Battle mode. The developers announce, among other things, Denuvo anti-cheat features and promotions for players at the highest level.

Adjustments for the tutorial walkthrough are also promised. Bad network connections should now be displayed better. In addition, a kill screen should give players a better insight into what is going on in a match. Via you can compile a friend list for battle mode using an account ID. Id Software is preparing some balancing optimizations especially for the single player campaign of Doom Eternal. Update 1 includes changes for demon tutorials, vertical existence in the water and the adjustment of poison damage when swimming.

"You can expect this and much more with Update 1," comments id Software. The developers are also working on invasion mode and the first DLC of the Year One Pass for Doom Eternal. Further details are expected to follow later this year. (buy now for 56.56 €)

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