Doom Eternal: Preview Video – Played for three hours – Up-to-date in the game

For four years, id Software has been working on the successor to the great Doom reboot from 2016. Did the effort pay off? We wanted to find out for ourselves! When we played in Berlin, we had the chance to try out the long-awaited Doom Eternal. We played the first three levels for three hours, shooting, scrapping and sawing through the armies of demons and marveling at the many innovations and changes in details that are intended to make the game stand out from its predecessor. We also had the opportunity to record an hour of our own video material directly from the German PC version. We have knitted the scenes together for you in a large preview video, in which we present all important findings to you.

Note: Here we show you our extensive preview video for Doom Eternal. We expect to publish a detailed text preview at the end of the week.

In the video you get, among other things, a view of the expanded movement options: In addition to the new double dash, the Slayer can now also swing along bars and climb up certain walls. Most of the video, of course, we devote to the brutal fights, show the faster pace and the new vulnerability feature, with which opponents can be snapped out more tactically than in the predecessor. Grenade and flamethrowers are explained, including glory kills, and we also introduce the numerous (!) Upgrade systems with which you can raise your character to an all-destructive fighting machine. In the last third you also get a foretaste of the crisp Slayer goals and take a short tour of the Fortress of Doom, to which the dumb hero between missions has recently returned.

Doom Eternal: price, versions and dates

Doom Eternal (buy now for € 89.99)will be released on March 20, 2020 for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Google Stadia, the switch implementation should appear at a later date. In addition to the normal standard edition (60 to 70 euros), Doom Eternal is also available in two other versions:

  • Deluxe Edition: In addition to the main game, it also includes the Year One Pass, which includes two future campaign DLCs. It also includes a special skin for the hero and a sound pack with classic weapon sounds. The price: 90 euros for the PC version, 100 euros for the console versions.
  • Collector's Edition: In addition to the Deluxe Edition in a steel book packaging, it also includes other extras. Included are a full-size portable Doom Slayer helmet, a music cassette, and download codes for lossless versions of the two original soundtracks by Doom (2016) and Doom Eternal, composed by Mick Gordon. Also included is a "The Gift of Argent Power" lithograph (28 x 43cm) and an illustrated lore book for Doom. The steep price: around 230 euros

Pre-orderers will also receive the rip-and-tear pack. As an absolute highlight, Doom 64 is included as a digital download, there are also two skins and a master level of the cultist base.

You can find more information about the game on our topic overview of Doom Eternal.

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More demons, more action, more fun. This is promised by the upcoming Doom Eternal, which we could now play for the first time.

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