Doom Eternal will be released on March 20. The first reviews of id Sodtware's new shooter are already here.

This is how the world evaluates

Here you will find reviews and ratings from around the world on Doom Eternal (buy now):

3DNewsИван Бышонкoв – Russian – 8/10

ACGJeremy PenterBuy

Ars TechnicaKyle OrlandUnscored

From GamersKosta Andreadis9.5 / 10

COGconnectedPaul Sullivan96/100

Critical hitDarryn Bonthuys9.5 / 10

Cubed3 – Athanasios – 10/10

Cultured VulturesJimmy Donnellan10/10

Daily MirrorLloyd Coombes5/5 stars

Daily StarDom Peppiatt5/5 stars

DestructoidChris Carter8.5 / 10

DualShockersLogan Moore9/10

EGMMichael Goroff8/10

EurogamerEdwin Evans-ThirlwellNo recommendation / blank

Game revolutionMichael Leri5/5 stars

GameProHannes Rossow – German – 90/100

GameSkinnyDavid Jagneaux9/10 stars

GameSpewRichard Seagrave10/10

GameSpotPhil Hornshaw8/10

Gamestar – Dimitry Halley – 88/100

GameWatcherBogdan Robert Mateş8.5 / 10


GamesRadar +Josh West3.5 / 5 stars

Generación XboxPedro del Pozo – Spanish – 10/10

Glitched AfricaMarco Cocomello9.5 / 10

God is a geekMick Fraser9.5 / 10

Hobby ConsolasAlejandro Alcolea – Spanish – Unscored

IGNRyan McCaffrey9/10

MSPoweruserLewis White9.5 / 10

Metro GameCentral8/10

NexusSam Aberdeen10/10

OnlySPMike Cripe4/5

PC gamersJames Davenport94/100

PCGamesNRichard Scott-Jones9/10

Paste magazineGarrett Martin8/10

PlayStation UniverseJohn-Paul JonesUnscored James, Dylan BurnsB +

PolygonChris PlanteUnscored

PowerUp!Leo Stevenson10/10

Press startJames Berich10/10

Push squareLiam Croft9/10

Rock, paper, shotgunMatt CoxUnscored

ShacknewsJosh Hawkins8/10

SpaziogamesDomenico Musicò – Italian – 9.1 / 10

StevivorJay Ball9/10

Tech AdvisorDominic Preston5/5 stars

TheSixthAxisMiguel Moran10/10

ThumbsticksTom Baines3/5 stars

TrustedReviewsAdam Speight4/5 stars

TwinfiniteTom Hopkins4.5 / 5

US gamersMike WilliamsUnscored

VG247Kirk McKeand4/5 stars

VideoGamer – Josh Wise – 8/10

WellPlayedKieran Stockton9/10

Windows CentralJez Corden4.5 / 5 stars

Xbox AchievementsRichard Walker92/100

The ratings show that id Software and Bethesda did a really good shooter. Doom Eternal is not perfect, but it's a lot of fun. The new jump inserts may not be for everyone, but the plot is finally being staged in an exciting way and the ultra-fast battles against the grotesque demons are at least as fun as in the predecessor.

Source: Reddit

Doom: Eternal – Brute launch trailer of the first person shooter

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Doom Eternal should be the best id software game. In the large test video we clarify whether the shooter experts from Texas have succeeded. Doom Eternal: Cosmetic items through in-game eventsPCNSWPS4XBO0

Doom Eternal: Cosmetic items through in-game events

In Doom Eternal you can unlock cosmetic items such as skins through in-game events. Bethesda explains that Doom: Eternal has given up deathmatch. (2)PCNSWPS4XBO0

Doom Eternal: That's why there is no death match in multiplayer

The first person shooter Doom: Eternal does not offer any deathmatch games in multiplayer. But why not?

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