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With Doom Eternal, the creators of id Software wanted to deliver their best game so far. With success! The brand new Doom makes good use of its predecessor, but packs a few bucks everywhere. Fast-paced action, uncompromising opponents, great locations and a surprising amount of story make Doom Eternal one of the best shooters of the year. In the test video for Doom Eternal we show you what we loved about the hell shooter and where there is still some room for improvement.

Id Software had made a great comeback with the brutal doom reboot from 2016, and the hell shooter was also able to secure a good rating in our test. But Doom Eternal should go much further: The developers promise harder action, faster opponents, more brutal kills and more varied levels, all nicely embedded in an extensive story campaign and staged with the id Tech 7. Show in our video test on Doom Eternal we, let's clarify whether Doom Eternal is actually the best shooter that id Software has ever developed.

Note: Our detailed test article is still in progress, but thanks to Corona it is not yet ready for publication. Our detailed test video is already available! Below we also have a lot of exclusive screenshots from the PC and PS4 versions for you, there is a performance impression from our colleagues at PC Games Hardware.

Doom Eternal: That is in our video test

In our video, we first look at the strengths of the expanded story and explain why id Software is not yet pulling out all the stops here, despite many advances. Then we devote ourselves in detail to the great gameplay in the fights: New types of opponents and tactical weaknesses are introduced before we turn to the core of the brutal shootings: the resource triad of life points, armor and ammunition that we regularly use in the fights Have to get opponents. In addition, the proven chainsaw, the brand new flame spout and of course the acid-brutal Glory Kills are used. Before someone asks: Yes, Doom Eternal (buy now) is extraordinarily bloody, but of course comes uncut and from the age of 18.

In the further part of our video we briefly discuss the upgrade systems before we explain the new jumping and climbing mechanics and why they are actually an enrichment for the game. Then we introduce the Slayer gates and the new Fortress of Doom fortress, where we discover all sorts of funny details and Easter eggs. In the last part of our video review on Doom Eternal we go into the fantastic technique and show how you can adapt the HUD.

Doom Eternal: First impression of the performance on RX 580 and RTX 2070 Super

Our big test with rating on Doom Eternal will follow shortly on pcgames.de, but of course you are welcome to write us your opinion about the video and the game here!

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id Software has been a shooter expert for almost 30 years. Editor Felix Schütz nevertheless wishes that the Texans venture into a different genre.

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