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Valve has announced when the Auto Battler Dota Underlord's early access phase will end. According to current planning, it should be ready on February 25, 2020. With the release of version 1.0, some new features are planned, for which there will soon be more specific details.

It has been known for some time that the Auto Battler Dota Underlord's early access phase should only run until the end of February this year. However, there was no specific date for the end – until now. The Valve team recently spoke up via Steam to reveal this small but important detail.

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Accordingly, the end of the early access phase is currently planned for February 25, 2020. On this day, version 1.0 of Dota Underlords should appear, which will bring some optimizations, bug fixes and new content with it. This includes Battle Pass with several levels, with the help of which you can unlock numerous rewards. In addition, a new hero and item rotation as well as a so-called city tour are planned. Valve plans to release more details about these and some other features over the next few weeks. Incidentally, there will be fewer updates for the early access version in the near future than was previously the case, because the developers want to concentrate on the completion of version 1.0.

Source: Steam

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