Double rewards for lots of activities that week

from Dominik Zwingmann
Rockstar Games is again offering double rewards for multiple activities in GTA Online. This also includes the new competitions from the recent summer update, which currently bring you double GTA $ & RP. Of course there are tons of discounts on vehicles and other things. Prime Gaming subscribers will also receive some gifts.

In the coming days, GTA Online players can look forward to various highlights again. The Rockstar Games team has once again announced double rewards for numerous in-game activities. Among other things, there are now double GTA $ & RP in the new competitions from the Los Santos Summer Special. You also currently receive this bonus in the Gunrunning Sales Missions and Land Grab. In addition, you can still steal diamonds in the casino heist.

If you log into the game by September 16, you will also receive the Lemon Sport Tracksuit in bright yellow for free. You can find a picture here below.

GTA Online: Double rewards for numerous activities this week (2)

GTA Online: Double rewards for numerous activities this week (2)

Source: Rockstar Games

In addition to the robbery mission in the Diamond Casino, you should also stop by the wheel of fortune again. This week the Coquette D10 will be available as a grand prize here. Of course there will be discounts in the world of Los Santos again in the next few days. For example, there will be a 40 percent discount on bunkers and 30 percent discount on bunker modifications by September 16.

Rockstar Games has also reduced the price of some vehicles – including the Dundreary Landstalker XL (25% off), the Pegassi Zentoro (30% off), the Youga Classic 4×4 (25% off), as well as the Ocelot Ardent and the armed Declasse Tampa with each 40% discount. Prime Gaming subscribers get GTA $ 200,000 and a nightclub in Vespucci for free this week. In addition, you save 80 percent when buying the Progen T20 or the Överflöd Tyrant.

Source: Rockstar Games

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