The time has come! You can download the free “PS Plus” games for November. Sony is back with two cool action titles this month.

PlayStation 4

If you don't already have one "PS Plus" member you can check out the various offers in PS store look at:

Download the "PS Plus" free games now!

From today you can PS Plus members Download the two free games for November. Both Adventure and Metroidvania fans have reason to cheer. You can find the free games in the PS store here:

Middle-earth: Shadow of War offers that known from the first part Nemesis systemwhich puts you as a player at the center of the conflict. The action adventure is set between the events of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. So join the battle!

Hollow Knight takes you into a world full of heroes and insects, in which there are many winding caves and secrets to discover. Classic Side scrolling action offers you tough challenges.

A PS5 game is included for the first time

In addition to the two free games for the PS4, you can expect "PS Plus" users from November 19th for the first time too free "PlayStation 5" game. Of course, the requirement is that you have a PS5. The game is Bugsnax.

This will be released on November 12th and you will find one strange islandwhere the Bugsnax beings live. They are half beetles and half delicacies and it is your job to hunt and catch them. You can also expect different biomes and Secretsthat need to be deciphered.

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What is PlayStation Plus?

To be able to play online, you need a PlayStation Plus subscription for the PlayStation 4. That enables you to Multiplayer mode to use most of the games and introduce yourself Cloud storage for save games and other available. Additionally you get special offersthat only members receive and ultimately at least two free games per month.

Does this cost money? Yes, the service costs you 59.99 euros a year, for three months you pay 24.99 euros and for one month you pay 8.99 euros (this may vary depending on the offer).

You can either do this directly via the PlayStation Store or at Amazon – You will either receive a PS Plus card or a download code.

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