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As in Onyxia's Hort and in the Molten Core, villains and warriors also dominate the DpS charts of the new raid in WoW Classic: the Blackwing Hoard (BWL). The numbers thus confirm what was previously suspected. The good news for magicians and warlocks: your big hour will come!

In the first two raid challenges from WoW (buy now) Classic there were no surprises: warriors and villains dominated them DPS charts in the Molten Core and in Onyxia's Hoard, But how about the new raid Blackwing Lair from who came with almost two weeks ago Classic phase 3 was introduced? Numerous guilds have had their logs open since the launch of business studies Warcraft logs uploaded, and these show a clear picture.

If you look at the logs for the range 90 to 99 percentile (in order to take in especially the players who get almost the maximum out of their class / style of play), the following findings result:

  • Once again, it is warriors and villains who dominate the DpS charts with all bosses, sometimes with a very large gap.
  • Magicians remain the strongest magicians of DpS and follow in third place.
  • Warlocks are catching up to the hunters compared to the previous phases and together form the chase field behind the magicians.
  • In business studies, the damage of some hybrid game styles is quite impressive. Wildness druids take third place at Vaelastrasz, and the damage done by shadow priests can also be seen on various bosses.
  • Elemental shamans do slightly more damage than Boosters on average, Retribution Paladins and Balance Druids do less than impressive damage.

But it is already clear that with the opening of the temple of Ahn'Qiraj and Naxxramas the picture will change significantly – even if there are no surprises. Hunters only scale moderately with new equipment, so they'll be passed down over time. The exact opposite is the case with warlocks. In addition, magicians will rock the DpS charts with the fire style of play and the stackable ignite debuff. So warriors and villains face stiff competition.

What about you? Which classes and playing styles do the most damage in your Classic Guild in the WoW Raid Blackwing Lair? Let us know in the comments!

WoW Classic: Attack on the Blackwing Lair – Trailer

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