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In late June, the well-known and successful TwitchStreamers Guy "Dr Disrespect" Beahm permanently blocked. And only a few months after Twitch had negotiated an exclusive contract with him worth millions. Then the streamer fell silent and the rumors increased. Including that criminal elements are said to have played a role in his ban. Now Dr Disrespect has spoken in an interview.

The doc wants to come back

The streamer explains that behind the scenes work is being done on the return of the art figure Dr Disrespect. But he still doesn't know how this happens. Guy Beahm wants to take the character to the next level and it doesn't have to be through a well-known streaming service. Guy Beahm is even considering bringing Dr Disprespect back through his own Champions Club website.

For him, Twitch's sudden suspension was a shock. He compares this to going to work, only to find that the doors are locked. According to him, Twitch has not given him an explanation of the reason for the ban to this day: "That is really wrong. Obviously I have to be careful here due to legal advice. But I can say that I am not going to Twitch I'm going to return, so I mean, that's it. " Guy Beahm is even considering whether to take legal action.

The streamer has of course read all the speculations about his lock, but does not really want to comment on it. He explains in the interview: "Listen, I'm not interested in engaging in crazy speculation. I've seen all theories, I've seen all kinds of conspiracies, and it's just that I'm just not interested in myself to get involved in this kind of thing. I have a large community of loyal fans, and I’m totally focused on coming back and delivering great, entertaining content, and that’s what the focus is on. ”

Guy Beahm definitely wants to bring Dr Disrespect back. And in a new form. He speaks of "Doc 3.0". Guy Beahm does not want to reveal exactly what that means. But he points out that he is also looking at projects outside the streaming area. It is not yet clear when we can expect Dr Disrespect to return.

Source: PCGamer

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