Dr Disrespect talks about the spell, rumors & more in the interview

from Sebastian Glanzer
Three weeks after the permanent ban on the streaming platform Twitch, Dr Dirsrespect gave a long interview with PC Gamer. Many hoped for answers to the mysterious spell, a possible trial, and more. However, fans of the "Docs" and the streaming scene will be disappointed because the miserably long interview does not reveal any important details. We have summarized the most important information from the interview for you.

The case of Streamers Dr Disrespect, which was suddenly permanently banned on Twitch, goes into the next round. After three weeks of silence, the "Doc" gave a very long one Interview with PC Gamer. After reading the questions and answers, you are not really smarter. Why was he banned for no reason? Why did his partners separate from him? Are you in a lawsuit? Why the long silence? Some of these questions are answered, but the streamer, who is supposedly encouraged by his management not to disclose details for legal reasons or to put Twitch in a bad light, cannot give anything really tangible. Here are the most important details of the interview

  • The reason for the permanent Twitch ban is allegedly unknown to him. Twitch does not usually give reasons for bans. This is anchored in the terms and conditions of the streaming platform. The publicist present at the interview struggles between sensitive questions that could later lead to contractual complications in connection with the Twitch company or other projects.
  • All rumors, such as a criminal trial, have been made up. So-called insiders like Rod "Slasher" Breslau actually only want to get attention.
  • There is still no contact with YouTube. He and his team are still considering the next steps.
  • A larger project may be planned, perhaps even a TV Show, which revolves around its streaming character. Dr Disrespect is very positive and can hardly wait for the next steps to be revealed.
  • No concrete answer as to why partners like Discord have terminated their cooperation immediately after the ban.
  • Be noticeable behavior at the end of his last stream is said to be simply related to the current difficult situation in the world (Covid 19, BLM protests and chaos in his home country USA).

For fans of the "Docs" and the streaming scene that has Interview with PC Gamer just the added value that Dr Disrespect is not in big trouble. Otherwise, this move also looks like a big PR stunt, which apparently is supposed to cheer on the projects of the streamer and keep him in conversation. Signs of this are provided by his latest mysterious teaser (see below), which he presented shortly after the interview appeared.

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