The still very young development studio Midnight Society has a teaser for his first game published via Twitter. However, the information is not easy to find because the team has come up with something special.

Who is behind Midnight Society?

This is the development studio that was founded last year by the well-known streamer Herschel “Dr Disrespect” Beahm. there work some well-known industry veteranswho have worked on the shooter series Call of Duty and Halo in the past. Because of this, there was already speculation that the studio is likely to work on a shooter as well.

What does the teaser reveal about the first game?

Midnight Society has published a teaser for the studio’s first game on Twitter. However, he does not serve the information to the fans on a silver platter, but requires a lot of brainpower. The teaser is namely in Form eines ARG (Alternate Reality Game) appeared. Developer studios and publishers are increasingly choosing this type of hint in order to interact with the fan base and thus to retain them from the start.

The details of the teaser are hidden behind a variety of bot commands, cryptic characters and passwordsthat must first be deciphered. So far, nobody seems to have found the solution, at least there has been no corresponding message. This ARG teaser could be a harbinger of an official announcement that will come in the foreseeable future.

Those: Twitter

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