Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Dr. Mario World proves that not all babies are cute

Baby Wario's first and until recently only appearance was in Yoshi's Island DS, but now he has his own doctorate and a decent 3D rendering for the mobile game Dr. Mario World received – but it is not necessarily cute.


Dr. Mario World is a mobile version of Dr. Mario, where the player uses capsules to break apart viruses and clear levels. In contrast to the NES game, the younger version is supplemented by drag-and-drop mechanics and some innovations. Now the game has got another character.

About the official “Dr. Mario World Twitter account has been announced that Dr. Baby Wario was added to the game:

"On June 26, we will introduce a new doctor. It's Dr. Baby Wario! So even THIS doctor used to be cute, right? This time there is only one doctor. Please don't blame me."

Dr. Mario World: Is Baby Wario Friend or Foe?

Although he definitely looks nicer than the infamous and hot-headed adult Wario, the adjective "sweet" is used very generously here. Even as a baby, Wario looks like he's going to stab someone in the back as soon as possible, but it's nice to see that one long lost character finds a place in a modern Mario game.

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What do you say to Dr. Baby wario? Do you think he has cute features about him? What character do you find particularly cute as a baby? Let us know in the comments.

Jasmin Peukert
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