After it became known that the two authors Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman wanted to write a new novel trilogy about Dragon Lance, but this was then discontinued by the publishing house Wizards of the Coast, a lawsuit came first. But suddenly both authors withdrew them, which suggested that the books would come after all. And now the official announcement took place.

Dragon Lance actually goes on

Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman have entered into a multi-year licensing agreement with Wizards of the Coast to write a new, three-part series of classic Dragon Lance novels. The new trilogy aims to bring back the characters most popular with fans from the original novels and at the same time introduce a new strong protagonist. The books will be published by Del Rey Books. Although a release date has not yet been officially set, the first book is expected to appear later this year. It is said that the novel belongs to "Classic Dragonlance", which could indicate that the new books are not a sequel, but rather set at a time when all known heroes were still alive.

"We couldn't be happier to return to the world we love," said Margaret Weis. "Dragon Lance is what brought Tracy and I together so many years ago. We are thrilled to be able to do this for existing lovers of the fantasy world of Krynn while bringing our beloved characters closer to a new generation of readers." The first novel in the series, Dragons of Autumn Twilight, was published in 1984.

"We are grateful to the fans of Dragon Lance for making this trip possible," said Tracy Hickman. "We wrote this series out of thanks to them for this amazing, lifelong journey … and out of our desire that they will join us again on the way to Solace."

If this new trilogy of novels is well received and arouses interest in Drachenlanze, then it would be quite conceivable that we might even see D&D computer games that are set in the fantasy world of Krynn. But first, the books will be released.

Source: Twitter

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