EA Play sneaked in on Streaming Services on June 18, a because of the E3 Game Fair, which EA, and maybe here, was following. Towards the end there were also nice pictures of new PS5 games shown, but without naming their titles. Well, some of them were part of Dragon Age 4 – we can be pretty sure of that.

While the game fair E3 could not take place due to the corona virus, some publisher events trickle down to us on the screens; including the EA Play: The show that was supposed to show a lot of new EA games, but instead, uh, presented an interesting game? I don't recommend catching up on the 50 minute stream if you haven't seen it yet – but you could at Minute 45:30 look inside, because this short part shows BioWares moving forward in three moving pictures. And yes: I know how sad that sounds. But it is Dragon Age 4:

Aside from some details within the images that suggest Dragon Age 4, Dragon Age father Mark Darrah has one on Twitter with an ominous one "Maybe?" Responded to the questionwhether it is actually Dragon Age 4. Well, such an answer is also an answer:

Dragon Age 4: Three new game pictures

My own very personal question, however, would be why we don’t see more than three still images after six years? What is the condition of Dragon Age 4? And it will actually be some kind of live service game like one Disclosure report on Kotaku implies? If we believe this article, Dragon Age 4 has already made a restart, which turns it from a single player Live service game pushed that based on anthem. Maybe there was another restart? Who knows.

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As is so often the case, we will have to wait and see whether EA or Bioware will comment on Dragon Age 4 again in the near future. If you have actually been working on a live service Dragon Age for a while, I would not blame you if you do a second restart and therefore need another three years for a single player Dragon Age. Now.