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Mike Laidlaw joined Ubisoft in December 2018. Now the former designer of Biowares Dragon Age has announced that it will leave the company.

Mike Laidlaw should Ubisoft actually working as a creative director on a new, not yet announced AAA game. However, he is leaving the studio less than a year after starting work there.

Ex-Dragon Age designer turns his back on Ubisoft

Laidlaw is known as a designer of Dragon Age, but also worked for Bioware on the games Jade Empire and Mass Effect. For Ubisoft, he was the perfect choice to lead the development of the new game. Why he is leaving the studio now is not known in. It may have something to do with the restructuring that Ubisoft is currently going through. Laidlaw also didn't say what he was going to do next or where he was going.

But it would be quite conceivable that he supports his former bioware colleagues James Ohlen and Chad Robertson in the newly founded studio Archetype Entertainment, which are working on a new, story-driven science fiction role-playing game for the D&D publishing house Wizards of the Coast. But that is not certain and sheer speculation. We may soon find out what he's up to next.

Source: VG247

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