Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: New update in progress

of David Martin
Bandai Namco is preparing a new update for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. As the developers let through in a recent Twitter post, the patch should appear as a download shortly. The main focus of the update is on performance adjustments. Among other things, the loading times are to be improved. Especially players on the standard models of the PS4 and Xbox One report sometimes long loading times. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot has been available since last Friday. Several updates were released before the launch. You will soon read our test on our website.

A new update is in the works for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. Like the developers in a current Post on Twitter announce, the patch should primarily show performance improvements. The optimizations mainly concern the loading times. Especially players on the standard models of the PS4 and Xbox One sometimes report long waiting times. "The loading times are really terrible. On my Xbox One S, they average 30 to 50 seconds – sometimes even a minute or two," wrote one player on Reddit.

On the other hand, the loading times on a PS4 Pro are much shorter. Users who have installed an SSD in their system also report fast loading times. "It loads so quickly on the PC that I can hardly read the information and story snippets displayed during the loading times," reports one player. At what time the update for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot (buy now for € 59.99) appears, does not appear from the information.

The developers want to submit the patch notes as soon as possible – as soon as all changes and innovations have been determined. We keep you up to date in our news area. Before the launch last Friday, Bandai Namco had released several patches for the action role-playing game. Update 1.02 already included the first improvements for loading times. You will soon read our review of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot on our website.

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