DrDisrespect freaks out because his fans want to help him

It wasn't the first time that DrDisrespect had a little freak, but recently it wasn't another streamer or game that was to blame for, but a well-meaning tip that came from his Twitch chat.

Even though Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is very popular among fans, there are currently numerous complaints about lags and similar problems on the online servers. This is annoying for players, but as streamers who have turned their hobby into a profession and thus generate their income, it is a particular shame if certain games do not work as they should.

So did DrDisrespect during a stream on Twitch. Due to numerous lags it was almost impossible to play sensible rounds and with every additional minute his mood deteriorated enormously. A well-intentioned tip from the chat made the barrel overflow with him.

One or the other could also be helpful for gamers.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Lags troubled the streamer

After a series of deaths and other mishaps caused by the lags, a message came in from a viewer on DrDisrespect's Twitch chat. He advised the streamer to use a controller to handle the lags, which he believes would arise from the use of a mouse and keyboard.

This comment was probably written with the best intentions, but DrDisrepect was not very enthusiastic. The fact that the lags were there before the keyboard and mouse was used made him so angry that he ended up closing all unnecessary browsers, including the Twitch chat, and ignored them from then on.

After reassuring himself and his streaming partner that it felt liberating to close everything, he focused again on the game. What do you say about the behavior? Do you watch DrDisrespect streaming yourself? Please tell us about your experiences.