Dreams-Alternative will be published exclusively for Google Stadia in July

from Dominik Zwingmann
Google Stadia will soon have a time-exclusive title with Crayta. Unit 2 Games' Dreams alternative will appear in early July and will be available to Stadia Pro subscribers free of charge. In this kit, up to 20 players can work on a game creation at the same time. Stadia State Share also introduces a new feature that allows you to land in your friend's game with one click.

Crayta, a time-exclusive title for Google Stadia, will appear in a few days. According to those responsible, the game is part of the "First on Stadia" initiative and will be available for the streaming platform from July 1, 2020. For Stadia Pro subscribers, Crayta is available for free – all other players pay € 34.99.

The title of developer studio Unit 2 Games can be described as an alternative for Media Molecules Dreams, which was released for PlayStation 4 some time ago. With the help of numerous tools, players can work on their own game creation alone or together with up to 20 players in one room. A new Stadia feature will also be used, which will be launched on July 1, 2020. A short video of the beta version of "Stadia State Share" can be found below.

This new feature enables players to generate a link for their creation. This URL can then be shared with friends who end up in the game with one click. Of course, the players who receive the link must also be owned by Crayta in order to be able to use the function without any problems.

More games are on the way

Just this week, Google has announced another edition of Stadia Connect. The broadcast will be available online on July 14, 2020. Among other things, users can look forward to games that will be released for Google Stadia later this year. We will of course keep you up to date here.

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Some screenshots from the upcoming Crayta for Google Stadia. (1) (Source: Unit 2 Games)

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