In addition to our interview with Mark Healey (Creative Director at Media Molecule), we were allowed to attend the Dreams event (buy now for € 39.99) in Berlin you can also get more information about a cooperation between the Berlin DJane LOVRA and the Playstation Dream and Creative Factory Dreams. We even had the chance to chat with the successful musician about her steep career and her cooperation with Dreams. (Note d. Editor: The interview was started in February and could only be published today due to various failures.)

Who is LOVRA?

The career of the Berlin DJane LOVRA has long since crossed the borders of Germany and so the musician is active and successful worldwide.

The career of the Berlin DJane LOVRA has long since crossed the borders of Germany and so the musician is active and successful worldwide.

Source: Sony Playstation / Toll Relations

The Berlin artist LOVRA (born Laura Lüngen from Vilmar) is a national and international name of the electronic music scene. She succeeds particularly well with a wild mix of powerful and energetic vocals, influences of the 80s and 90s and particularly lively house elements to make every stage shake. Her success so far speaks for itself: in recent years she has played at major festivals such as Tomorrowland, Melt !, Parookaville and Nature One. LOVRA also toured with greats like David Guetta and is considered a successful music producer – in the past she delivered successful remixes for stars like Robin Schulz and Alle Farben. Her remix of Robin Schulz & Piso 21's hit "Oh Child" has already celebrated more than a million streams on Spotify. All of this is pretty impressive. Now there is another milestone in LOVRA's career: a cooperation with a video game. In addition to its creative construction side, Dreams is also perfect for various exciting projects beyond the video game scene.

LOVRA meets dreams

Dreams and LOVRA officially announced a cooperation on February 17, 2020, three days after the official release of the Playstation kit. Under the artistic direction of LOVRA, two Dreams creators, Marc (marcilein98) and Lars (bigsurf77), have completely recreated their hit "Someone in the Dark feat. SERA" in Dreams together with their own music video. Wow! You can find a making-of for the Dreams version of the song streamed on Spotify over 1.76 million times under this paragraph. The video was published with the announcement of the cooperation on the official YouTube channel of Playstation DACH. This is followed by our interview, which Maci was allowed to conduct with LOVRA in Berlin. Have fun!

PCG: Hey LOVRA! Tell me how the whole musical topic started with you. How did your career start?

LOVRA: Hi! It's a long story (laughs). I'll break it down briefly: When I was 18 years old, everyone in my circle of friends actually heard hip hop, I was more at home with electronic music and therefore mostly drove to the clubs on my own. At some point I started to feature electro newcomers on a YouTube channel, which logically made me more and more interested in DJing and the whole scene. And yes, one morning I woke up and I realized that I was just a feature. Then I thought "now it's time to do my own things". So it all started.

PCG: Very cool! It's going really well for you. You played a lot of festivals, including Tomorrowland, Ikarus and Melt! What have been the major highlights of your career so far?
LOVRA: Difficult, there are lots of highlights. I couldn't commit to one now. But of course once to play at the big festivals like Tomorrowland, but also the tour with David Guetta in Ibiza.

PCG: understandable. Tell me how the cooperation with the Playstation title Dreams came about.
LOVRA: Warner Brand Partnership (As the name suggests, this is a department at Warner that deals with music collaborations and a variety of projects) came to us – especially because of the song "Someone in the Dark". So we got together and started to build the music video and the track in dreams pretty quickly.

PCG: The result is really worth seeing!

The song and the music video were both reproduced purely with the means of Dreams. Wow!

The song and the music video were both reproduced purely with the means of Dreams. Wow!

Source: Sony Playstation / Toll Relations

LOVRA: Yes, totally blatant! When we started and saw the process in Dreams for the first time, I was really flabbergasted! Lars has heard "Someone in the Dark" on Spotify a billion times so that every detail can be accurately reproduced in dreams. The result has really turned out very well. Dreams' music interface is very similar to "Avid Live", the program I work with. We then worked on little things like the depth and volume of certain parts. But to reproduce that only through dreams and multiple listening processes is really crazy!

PCG: If someone had told you 5-6 years ago that a song was copied from you in a video game, would you have believed it? That is really unusual!
LOVRA: In no case would I have believed that.

PCG: How was it with the music video? How did it go? That was created entirely in dreams, right?
LOVRA: Yes, also totally exciting! I don't know, have you already been able to play Dreams?

PCG: I was able to play it for the first time today and it's not that easy in the first few minutes! You have to work your way in a bit.
LOVRA: Correct. Last week we met with Mark and Lars when I had the chance to play in for the first time. The two are of course super fast and know their way around the editor. Just as we write a WhatsApp message, the Dreams serve so quickly. On the other hand, it took me a little practice time. In the end you can get in quite well, I even built a head – that was funny. The result from Mark and Lars is really impressive. When I arrived a storyboard was already being designed and work on the character had already started. Then I still wanted the character to be a little mini-LOVRA (laughs). It's crazy what is possible in dreams. I also find all the other creations of the community impressive.

PCG: Do you have a connection to video games – apart from dreams?
LOVRA: Sure, of course. I have an older brother, so I was born with a console. My first own console was the first Playstation. I have often played FIFA with my brother, but personally I like games like Tomb Raider. But I also just like to watch games, it's like watching a movie,

PCG: You mentioned your YouTube channel earlier. But it only related to music, right?
LOVRA: I agree. On Soundcloud I searched for musicians that I then featured on YouTube – so basically the A&R principle ("A&R" stands for Artists and Repertoire, meaning music scouting). But I was not seen personally in any of the videos.

PCG: My favorite question: you would have to spend two weeks in a cozy basement – without having needs like eating, drinking or sleeping. Which fictional person would you choose to spend the two weeks with?
LOVRA: Good question! Mhh … either my little LOVRA from Dreams (laughs) or Mickey Mouse!

PCG: I think Mickey Mouse would drive me crazy after two days because of the voice (laughs). Why exactly Mickey Mouse?
LOVRA: I'm a big Mickey Mouse fan. I even have a tattoo and I would just like to meet Mickey Mouse.

Thank you for the interview

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