DSA: Book of Heroes – new RPG will be released later – game updates

of Andreas Bertits
A new role-playing game for the Pen & Paper RPG The Black Eye is currently being created. DSA: Book of Heroes can be played either alone or cooperatively. The release date had to be postponed.

The developer Wild River Games is currently working on a new role-playing game. The Black Eye: Book of Heroes is based on the Pen & Paper RPG DSA and should actually appear in the first quarter of 2020. But now the release date had to be postponed.

The black eye is a long time coming

You can read on Steam that the RPG will only be released in spring. That means that we may not expect the release of The Black Eye: Book of Heroes until April or May. In the RPG, you explore many dungeons in the fantasy world of Aventuria to recover treasures. Not only do you do it alone, you can also play cooperatively with four players.

  • You create characters from 12 professions. These include, for example, assassins, mercenaries, consecrated soldiers, knights or black magicians and the 4 races elves, half-elves, dwarves, humans. Each character has its own goals.
  • You develop the characters in a variety of ways and even craft items yourself. You will also find powerful items during your adventures.
  • If you are traveling alone, then you can hire NPCs as support in the "Black Boar Tavern".

DSA: Book of Heroes is played from an isometric perspective, which makes the game look a bit like the RPG series Baldur's Gate.

Source: Steam