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In a few days the time will come and the Dual Universe beta will finally start. More precisely, on August 27th, it will finally start. At the same time, the new Recruit-a-Friend program will start, with which players can invite their friends to the Dual Universe universe. In contrast to many other such programs, both sides benefit here. In addition, the longer the referred stays in the game, the higher the reward.

Dual Universe should be one of the most ambitious projects in the games industry in recent years. Due to huge plans and a manageable large development team, it is understandable that the space MMO has been in development a little longer than is usual for games these days. After a long alpha phase, the beta will finally start this week, on August 27th. And that goes hand in hand with the start of the Recruit-a-Friend program. As part of this, the Dual Universe players can bring new recruits into the game and reap huge rewards for them. However, the reverse is also true. Because those who can be advertised by existing players also receive all kinds of bonuses. The developers are killing two birds with one stone. On the one hand, new players come to Dual Universe, and on the other hand, recruited players statistically stay longer in the game because they have at least one player and therefore often a connection to a community.
Incidentally, this is also of interest to the advertiser. Because the longer the referred plays, the more rewards there are for the recruiter.

Who is recruited and the first time you buy game time you will receive a so-called jumpstart booster as a bonus. This contains the following:

  • 1 Static core unit size XS
  • 1 SKIN cockpit
  • 1 container hub
  • 2 container size S
  • A two-seater speeder blueprint to venture in
  • A one-time teleporter for your friend to join you
  • 1 week's worth of talent points to freely distribute

So you get a ship template to build, you can teleport directly to your friend who referred you, and additional skill points. In addition, various skins, containers and a static core, which is required for the construction of immovable objects (bases, etc.).

The Rewards that the advertiser receives, depend on how long the referred plays. Incidentally, all recruited players are added together. Anyone who recruits five players who all play only two months will receive all rewards for up to ten months. The following rewards are planned so far. The list can still expand. In order to advertise one or more players, all you have to do is create an advertising link in your account management and send it to all interested players.

3 months 6 months 9 months 12 months
Blueprint: Two-seat speeder Skin: Red forcefield Skin: Rusty sliding door Game time: 1 month
Skin: Rusty landing gears Firework: Red ring Skin: Rusty decorative item Level 1 Recruiter title
Skin: Rusty hatch Firework: Red fountain Firework: Red fireball
Firework: Red palm tree
15 months 18 months 21 months 24 months
Skin: Silver landing gears Item: Recruiter resurrection node Skin: Silver decorative aileron Game time: 1 month
Skin: Silver hatch Skin: Green forcefield Skin: Silver sliding door Level 2 Recruiter title
Firework: Silver ring Firework: Silver fountain Firework: Silver fireball
Firework: Silver palm tree
27 months 30 months 33 months 36 months
Exclusive item: Gold throne Skin: Purple forcefield Skin: Gold decorative aileron Game time: 1 month
Firework: Purple ring Skin: Gold sliding door Level 3 Recruiter title
Firework: Purple fountain Firework: Purple fireball
39 months 42 months 45 months 48 months
Skin: Gold landing gears Skin: Retro programming unit Exclusive item: Arkship hologram Game time: 1 month
Skin: Gold hatch Skin: Gold forcefield Firework: Gold fountain Level 4 Recruiter title
Firework: gold ring Item: Resurrection node Firework: Gold fireball
Firework: Gold palm tree
51 months 54 months 57 months 60 months
Exclusive item: Obsidian throne Skin: Obsidian hatch Skin: Obsidian decorative aileron Game time: 1 month
Skin: Black forcefield Skin: Obsidian sliding door Level 5 Recruiter title
Firework: Blue ring Firework: Blue fountain Exclusive item: Star system hologram
Exclusive item: Obsidian round table
Firework: Silver fireball
Firework: Silver palm tree

So if you recruit several players and they stay with Dual Universe, you will quickly get a lot of rewards and also some free game time.

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