The makers of 4A Games have released an update for the Enhanced Edition of Metro Exodus, with which the functions of the DualSense controller of the PS5 can now also be used on the PC. These include features such as haptic feedback or the adaptive shoulder buttons. So far, however, the functions are only available if the controller is connected to the computer with a cable. A video about DualSense support has already been shared on Twitter.

Since the launch of the next-gen console from Sony, the controller can also be used on the PC. Metro Exodus is now the first game for the PC that also makes use of the special functions. More titles are likely to follow in the future.

At the beginning of the month the Enhanced Edition of Metro Exodus was released for the PC. Among other things, the shooter now offers ray tracing support with compatible graphics cards. The upgrade to the Enhanced Edition is free for all previous owners. On June 18, the optimized version will also be available for PS5 and Xbox Series X / S. Here, too, ray tracing as well as 4K and 60 FPS are among the highlights of the upgrade. As on the PC, the Enhanced Edition is also available here at no extra charge if you already have Metro Exodus for PS4 or Xbox One. There will also be a new Complete Edition of the title on June 18, which includes the main game as well as the two expansions “The Two Colonels” and “Sam’s Story”.

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Metro Exodus Enhanced: Launch-Trailer zum Raytracing-Remaster

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