DualShock 5 controller could react to sweat and heartbeat

The upcoming DualShock 5 controller could measure how much you sweat and how fast your heart beats – at least that's the result of a new patent from Sony. Will this be used in upcoming games?

A new Sony Patent has appeared and this indicates a very interesting feature that affects the PlayStation 5 DualShock controller. The patent speaks of biofeedback, The function should come from the hands of the players Collect data, evaluate it and react accordingly to you, That doesn't mean that an ambulance may be sent home, but it could prove useful for the horror game genre, for example.

They keep developing.

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There are numerous patents that are not implemented in the end. But we know that Sony has a big leap forward in generation PS5 – new features are a must. It is possible that one of them will now be presented in the form of a patent.

The patent speaks of certain handles that should evaluate how hard you sweat and how fast your heart beats, This data should then be processed and reacted to accordingly. If we stick to the horror example, it could mean that the game will either become quieter or even more creepy if, according to the controller, you are much too relaxed.

Whether the patent will be implemented or not will only be known from the big unveiling. We'll keep you up to date. What would you think of the function? Let us know in the comments.