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from Andreas Bertits
Dragon Lance authors Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman have sued Wizards of the Coast for suspending a new Dragon Lance novel project. According to the indictment, because D&D should become more diverse and more in line with the zeitgeist.

We almost got a new Dragon Lance novel trilogy by bestselling authors Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. Fans have been waiting for this for a long time. But the publisher Wizards of the Coast stopped the project, whereupon the authors filed a lawsuit.

A few interesting details emerge from the indictment, which could also be an indication of how D&D – even in video games – could change in the future. Wizards of the Coast is said to have requested a number of changes to the manuscript of the novel "Dragons of Deceit". Allegedly these revolved around the story should focus more on inclusion and diversity. The story should reflect the modern zeitgeist. Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, according to the indictment, implemented these demands, which even led to the need to fix a "problem" with 70 book pages. This sequence is said to have been about the use of a love potion and names of characters that had a negative connotation. In addition, unspecified topics related to inclusion have been changed. Still, Wizards of the Coast ultimately rejected the manuscript of the novel.

The interesting thing is that D&D has changed a lot lately. Adventure modules are rewritten, for example to modernize the representation of the Vistani, which is based on the culture of the Roma. In addition, beings like orcs and dark elves should be represented in a more diverse way, so that they no longer appear like stereotypical monsters. This change does not stop at new novels, as can be seen from the example of the Drachenlanze authors.

All of this could – and probably will – affect Dungeons & Dragons' video game implementations in the future. The entire fantasy scenario relies more on inclusion and diversity.

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Dungeons & Dragons: Dragon lance authors are suing Wizards of the Coast

The authors of the Dragon Lance novels are suing Wizards of the Coast for breach of contract.