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Dungeons & Dragons is currently on the rise. Wizards of the Coast has started an extensive initiative that not only includes loads of new video games, but also a new movie and series.

D&D as a series

Derek Kolstad, who wrote the John Wick films and is also involved in the scripts for the Marvel series "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier", is currently developing a series on Dungeons & Dragons. It is not yet clear whether this will actually be implemented. Kolstad should first create a pitch. If it goes down well, the series will go into production and Kolstad will write the scripts for the episodes.

Hasbro, the group to which Wizards of the Coast belongs, is now planning many new projects, most of which have not yet been announced, due to the sharply increased interest in D&D due to the corona pandemic. This also includes the series. What this is about is not yet known. Whether it is based on one of the well-known worlds such as Forgotten Realms, Drachenlanze, Dark Sun or Ravenloft or offers something of its own, nothing has been known about it. D&D offers so many possibilities and already very exciting, existing stories. To experience an implementation of the adventures of the dark elf Drizzt Do'Urden or the chronicles and legends of the Dragon Lance as a series would certainly be fantastic for fans.

Since there are so many D&D worlds, several series would also be conceivable. For example, a horror anthology that is set in the dark realms of Ravenloft. We'll have to wait a little longer before we find out what this potential D&D series is all about.

Source: Variety

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