It was a long and arduous journey, but that Open-World-Parkour-Abenteuer Dying Light 2: Stay Human has the Gold-Status achieved. To get here, the developers of Techland surely climb one or the other house yourself with daring maneuvers and jump over breathtaking gorges.

It wasn’t until mid-September that the title was postponed again after countless delays, namely to February 4, 2022. Some fans were disappointed and restless, no longer believing that the game would appear at all. But today’s news is likely eliminate any skepticism about the release date.

After climbing and wall jumps: Dying Light 2 climbs gold status

the happy news was shared today via the game’s official account on twitter: “Dying Light 2 has reached gold status! It would not have been possible without your many years of support – we will make sure one more time that we serve you the best possible experience. Thank you for being with us! We cannot do it at all more expect to meet you in The City on February 4th! “

The gold status is for fans and developers alike a reason to celebrate: It means that the game is now ready and can go into production. Further There should therefore no longer be any shifts, unless there are delivery bottlenecks or disc production problems.

Our Editor David Incidentally, two weeks ago I was able to explore the open world of Dying Light 2 for four hours (buy now € 79.99) get a taste. Despite some technical and graphic problems, the parkour adventure cuts a fine figure there and thanks to the Combination of a powerful combat system and fast movement Leave a good impression. You can find the full preview here.

Those: Techland on Twitter

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