from André Linken
The Entertainment Software Association has announced the date for the E3 2021. While the fair is not taking place this year as usual, the organizers have already planned June 15-17 for the next year. There is even talk of a "redesigned" event.

As is known, this year the E3 will not take place in the usual form due to the current corona crisis. Although there has been talk of an online event as a substitute event for a few weeks, this alternative is also currently faltering. Despite all these setbacks, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) is not stuck in the sand, but is already busy making plans for the next year.

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As a recent report by the industry magazine tells, ESA recently sent a short message to its partners that the next E3 should take place from June 15-17, 2021. The announcement also reads that the next Electronic Entertainment Expo is planned in a "redesigned" form. So far, the organizers have not announced exactly what this means. Of course, this leaves a lot of room for speculation of any kind. The Entertainment Software Association may be thinking about a revised format for the E3. How this could look remains unclear.


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