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The organizers of the E3 games trade fair are currently continuing to hold the event as planned – despite all concerns about the corona virus. But industry insider Jason Schreier assumes that the fair may still be canceled.

ESA, the organization behind the E3, is currently planning to have the games fair take place in Los Angeles from June 9-11, as planned. Although a state of emergency has been declared in the US state of California because of the corona virus.

Is the E3 taking place?

In the industry, however, the situation is not quite as positive and is not very confident about E3. Kotaku author Jason Schreier, who has a lot of contacts in the industry, said: "Well, what was true a few weeks ago can no longer be true thanks to the virus. The chances that E3 will take place appear to be pretty slim If the E3 does not take place, there is no reason for every single company to hold its press conference in the same week. (Why should developers be forced to "crunch" for a June demo when there is no way to do this Show the press and retailers?) It’s more likely that publishers will hold their own events on their own schedule. "

At the moment, however, the E3 should take place. However, you will see how the whole situation develops. After all, the creative director of the fair even jumped recently …

Source: Resetera

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