The major video game fairs did not take place as usual last year. Instead, Gamescom offered a purely digital event that could be watched online in front of everyone in live streams. And the E3 even failed completely. The reason for this is well known: The ongoing coronavirus pandemic makes major events impossible. 2021 will still be fully influenced by the exceptional situation, so that many large events will continue to be canceled; and also the E3 is affected again. However, this time a replacement is already being planned.

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E3 rejection is safe

One thing is already certain, namely the cancellation of a classic version of the E3 with a large audience on site in Los Angeles. The information comes from the Board of Los Angeles Convention and Tourism Development Commission in Los Angeles that is responsible for approving and designing events in the city. The information on their calendar shows that E3 2021 has already been canceled as a classic event. However, the production team is currently working on organizing the fair as an online digital event and streaming it from the Los Angeles exhibition center if possible. This coincides with the presumed plans of the ESA (Entertainment Software Association), responsible for the implementation of E3.

Replacement event for E3 2021

As it became known a few weeks ago, this time the E3 will not be completely like 2020, but take place as a digital event and last four days. Allegedly, the ESA is currently in talks with the major publishers to organize, among other things, keynotes, a preview day and an award show. All of this is to be broadcast online in live streams, and around twelve hours of live stream per day are said to be planned. More information can be found in this news item. Former Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aimé has already criticized ESA's digital plans for E3 2021 – everything else can be found here.


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