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From June 9th to 11th, 2020, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, E3 for short, will take place in Los Angeles. despite declining importance in recent years but still the most important video game fair in the world. Well, at least it might be.

In view of the corona virus, which is currently keeping the world in suspense, it is no longer certain that the fair will not be announced this year for the first time since its premiere in 1995. Just a few days ago, the Entertainment Software Association, ESA for short, which organized the event, was very optimistic. You definitely want to hold the fair, but of course would always have the health of the visitors in mind as a first priority.

Now it seems more and more likely that this purposeful optimism will not be able to prevent the E3 from having to stop. The city government of Los Angeles has now declared a state of emergency on the west coast metropolis due to the virus. This state of emergency allows additional funds to be requested from the budget to combat Covid-19, but to put it somewhat vaguely, the implementation of "measures and guidelines that focus on cleanliness and safety".

If ESA does not cancel the trade fair on its own initiative, it may well be that it is officially thwarted. Unsurprisingly, the organizers are cooperative and referenced in a new statement again that the safety of visitors, exhibitors, partners and other employees has the highest priority. The situation is observed and evaluated daily. To this end, they work closely with the Centers for Desease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the WHO, the World Health Organization.

The E3 2020 would only be the next entry in a constantly growing list of different events that are canceled or at least postponed due to Covid-19. In the past few days and weeks, it has already been affected Google's developer conference I / O, the Disney + launch event in Europe and the Game Developers Conference (GDC), along with countless other events that have nothing to do with the technology and video game world.

Regardless of the current situation, one can of course ask whether the elimination of the E3 would really be a too severe loss for the video game world. We already met after E3 2019 Thoughts about the future of the fair made.

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