EA and Kojima cancel appointments for important events

The corona virus is having an increasing impact on the gaming world: After canceled e-sports events and feared release delays of the next-gen consoles, several companies are now canceling their appointments at the Games Developers Conference. These include EA and Kojima Productions.

The Games Developers Conference, short GDC, is an annual event in San Francisco where game developers talk about new technologies and developments in the gaming world – or in other words: about the future of gamingon which the coronavirus outbreak appears to be affecting more and more. After Sony canceled its The Last of Us 2 presentation at PAX East due to the corona virus, EA now has the next big brand his participation in the GDC was largely canceled,

Like the Ad Product Development Specialist Alex Sherer on Linkedin writes, EA also asks all employees not to attend the event for their own good:

“Hello everyone, we have just received a message from Corporate and EA will limit our presence at GDC and cancel our participation in official GDC events. All EA staff were advised not to travel to the San Francisco conference (…) Please take care, travel only when necessary, and hopefully see you again as soon as global climate and security allow. "

In addition to EA also Kojima Productionswho recently developed Death Stranding canceled their participation, as the company writes on Twitter:

It remains to be seen how the situation around the corona virus will develop and whether the game companies will consider, also at upcoming events such as the E3 2020 and gamescom 2020 to participate only to a limited extent or not at all. The fact is that the corona virus will remain an issue in the gaming industry for some time to come.

Update from February 17, 9:38 a.m.

PS5 and Xbox Series X: Sony comments on corona virus release delay

Across from Bloomberg Sony noted that it was because of the corona virus not to release delays should come. In the same report, the production costs for the PS5 were announced via a leak, which currently speak for a rather high purchase price.

Update from February 7, 11:54 a.m.

PS5 and Xbox Series X: Is the release delayed by the corona virus?

Just yesterday we reported that Nintendo published an apology: Because of the corona virus', the production and shipping of the Nintendo Switch could be delayed. The Investment bank according to Jefferies Group (which is the ninth largest investment bank in the world), the Extend the delay to the release of PS5 and Xbox Series X. – at least if the Coronavirus crisis in China still remains:

“The video game sector is currently in the process of, or is just beginning to produce, a new generation of products by the end of 2020, which only happens once every few years, If the closure (of the factories) lasts longer than a month, the schedule will be delayed. The new consoles are also likely suffer from delivery delays, triggered by ongoing interruptions, even before their planned release in autumn 2020. "

Above all, the factories are companies of the group Foxconn meant who among other things for Apple, Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft produced. The factories were closed for security reasons and to prevent the virus from spreading further. Foxconn is apparently planningIt remains to be seen whether operations will resume on February 10 to a small extent, but to what extent they can implement them.

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PlayStation 5: These 15 features the new Sony console must bring

Original message from February 6th, 6pm

Nintendo apologizes – of all people for that coronavirus, In one letter the group discusses the current ones Production problems like that shipping the Nintendo Switch:

“Due to the new coronavirus infection that is currently occurring, it is expected that Production and shipping delays for peripherals, such as the Nintendo Switch manufactured in China for the Japanese domestic market, and Joy-Cons are inevitable. It is also expected that the delivery of the currently out of print 'Ring Fit Adventure' will be delayed. We apologize for any inconvenience."

Only Japanese users are addressed here, but the delays could also spread to the German market. The reason is the temporary closure of several FoxconnFactories in China: There are currently strict security measures in place in the country that want to further prevent the virus from spreading. The Taiwanese electronics company Foxconn mainly produces devices for Dell, Apple, Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony,

Bottlenecks could not only occur at Nintendo. Reuters According to Foxconn, production will resume next week and isolate the workers in the factory to prevent infection. How, when and whether this will actually happen remains to be seen.