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Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic is an RPG classic that is still one of the best and most popular RPGs ever. No wonder that any rumors about a new edition of KOTOR will immediately make the hearts of many Star Wars fans beat faster. But is there anything in the rumors? Or was all the turmoil surrounding the remake just wishful thinking?

Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic (buy now) is a legend among role-playing games and has been highly praised by RPG veterans to this day. KOTOR had all the components that role play still outperforms many modern RPGs today: an exciting story, well-written dialogues and a moody gameplay. A rumor that spread like wildfire a few months ago gave hope of Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic fans again. The speech is from a new edition of the SciFi role-playing gamethat should come in a fresh graphic robe. A short time later, it was said that the remake is a kind of reinterpretation of the role-playing classic and the development is now being continued again after a break.

Although there was no official confirmation from a publisher or developer, fans of the RPG series were thrilled. Since other studios like Blizzard like their evergreen classics Warcraft 3: Reforged also reissued, the idea that EA and BioWare want to jump on the remake train with KOTOR sounded very likely.

But there are new insider reports that currently don't look like there will be a new edition of Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic, for which EA and the BioWare development team are responsible. Kotaku editor Jason Schreier has once again tapped his sources and carried this information outside. At the same time, Schreier also emphasizes that a KOTOR remake is still being worked on. There should be more details if Schreier was able to verify his findings 100 percent.

By the way, last week Jason Schreier also reported on EA's current plans for Star Wars. A publisher's studio is currently working on Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2, and a small Star Wars project is under development at EA Motive in Montreal, which is described as "novel and innovative". The project "Viking" as one Spinoff to Star Wars Battlefront on the other hand, was apparently canceled last year.

As soon as there is news about "Remake for KOTOR", we will of course keep you up to date. But do you want a new edition of Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic? Or should the developers prefer to keep their fingers off new editions with such great cult status after the debacle about Warcraft 3: Reforged? Let us know in the comments.

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