After Motive Studios launched Star Wars: Squadrons, their first game of their own, last year, the Electronic Arts development team is already working on the next project. According to current information, it should be a well-known brand of the publisher that will soon be supplied with a new game.

At least that's what journalist Jeff Grubb claimed in the current podcast of GamesBeat Decides. He is also sure that the reveal will delight many fans. While Grubb has not yet revealed any further details about the Motive Studios project in the podcast, he may have hinted at a new part of Syndicate on Twitter. In 1993 the title was first published as a real-time strategy game for the PC and Amiga. It was later implemented for SNES, Sega Genesis and the PSP.

Then nine years ago the series was brought back with a new genre. This was a classic first-person shooter released by Starbreeze Studios in 2012. We will keep you up to date with further details about the project.

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