EA Play 2020: live stream with new games from 1 a.m. – FIFA 21, Star Wars & more

from David Martin
EA Play 2020 in live stream: Electronic Arts will broadcast its show on the Internet the following night. You can follow the announcements on your home screen via live stream: The purely digital conference starts at 1 a.m. Games such as FIFA 21, a new Need for Speed ​​and Star Wars Squadrons are expected as part of the EA Play 2020 live stream. In addition, the new game from the makers of A Way Out can be seen. It remains to be seen whether EA may even show the first trailers for Dragon Age 4 and the new Battlefield. The show may have one or two surprises in store. You can find the live stream in the article.

Follow EA Play 2020 in a live stream: The Electronic Arts game show will take place the following night. With the You will get a live stream with all the information First-hand: The purely digital conference starts on June 19 at 1 a.m. German time. If you don't want to worry about the night, you can of course find all announcements, trailers and videos tomorrow morning in our news area. The range of games presented at EA Play 2020 should be mixed.

For example, the Presentation of FIFA 21. Electronic Arts has already announced this year's offshoot via the Twitter channel for football simulation. FIFA 21 is expected to appear on PS5 and Xbox Series X, among others. In the live stream for EA Play 2020, first information and a debut trailer can be expected. Meanwhile, fans of Need for Speed ​​can look forward to the launch of a new spin-off from the popular racing game series. Criterion Games had the last release Patches for Need for Speed ​​Heat already referred to the EA Play 2020 show that night. Details of the new racer have not leaked before the livestream.

In addition, the new games from the sports simulations NHL and Madden NFL should be shown in the stream for EA Play 2020: The first trailers are expected for NHL 21 and Madden NFL 21. An announcement of the new Game of the A Way Out makers is also confirmed for the show. In addition, news on Battle royale shooter Apex Legends and the recently announced Star Wars: Squadrons queue.

It remains to be seen whether the new Battlefield and possibly Dragon Age 4 will also be shown at EA Play 2020. The EA Play 2020 livestream should always have one or two surprises in store. Recently there were rumors, among other things, of one Remastered version of the Mass Effect trilogy. We'll learn more at 1 a.m. when the EA Play 2020 stream starts. We have integrated the show below.

EA Play 2020: Live stream from 1 a.m.

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