It’s been six years since EA Sports last had a golf simulation in its portfolio with Rory McIlroy PGA Tour. Now the publisher has announced a new edition of the long-serving series for this year. So far this has been called the EA Sports PGA Tour. It is not yet known whether the game will be adorned with the name of a well-known golfer at a later date. The longtime cover star Tiger Woods, who was the series’s title star from 1998 to 2013, is definitely not available. Woods just closed an exclusive deal with competitor 2K Games and its PGA Tour 2K series just a few weeks ago.

EA Sports wants to be ahead of the competition in terms of content. As the publisher has now announced in a press release, EA Sports PGA Tour will be “the exclusive home of all four major golf tournaments”. These are the most prestigious and traditional tournaments in golf, similar to the four annual Grand Slam tournaments in tennis. The main focus of the game is the Masters of the August National Golf Club in the USA, which will be playable virtually again for the first time in a long time. “We are honored to partner with Augusta National, home of the Masters, to bring the course and its events to players exclusively on EA Sports PGA Tour,” said EA Sports Executive Vice President Cam Weber.

In cooperation with the Augusta National Golf Club, the developers at EA Sports worked on a detailed implementation of the course. For the first time, scans were carried out from the air, in which millions of data points were collected as a basis for the reconstruction of the landscape. Further details on the content of the game are to be presented in the coming months. Then hopefully we will soon find out when and, above all, for which platforms the game should be released. So far, EA Sports has been silent on this. PC gamers would like to know whether they will be able to enjoy virtual golf again for the first time since PGA Tour 12.



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