The internet is not a place for the faint-hearted, often you need a thick skin in discussions. Insults, provocations and sometimes even death threats simply go over the lips of some users if they can hide in the anonymity of the World Wide Web. Electronic Arts no longer wants to look at this behavior.

EA wants to take action against toxic players

"We have focused on this topic in recent years, and that is because it has become very clear that multiplayer games, large online communities, are now at the center of most gaming experiences," said Chris Bruzzo, chief marketing Officer from EA. "This is no longer a secondary area. Which means, okay, we can no longer be just spectators."

According to a study by the market analysis company Bryter, one in four players (whether male or female) are regularly reported for toxic behavior. 77% of male victims of toxic behavior are asked to commit suicide or female family members are threatened with rape. They also often receive threats with a homophobic or racist background. 48% of female users who were victims of toxic community members said they had been sexually harassed. They had to listen to misogynistic sayings and they were sent pornographic pictures. In addition, toxic users threatened to rape them.

31% of men take this type of abuse lightly. A quarter of female players do not indicate their gender when playing, 28% do not speak online because they are afraid of being bothered by male players. 14% avoid online games entirely.

EA's Chris Bruzzo explains: "This year we asked ourselves: what will this look like in the future? And we developed a larger concept, namely the idea of ​​positive play. We are clear about what that means and we will become the players and hold everyone accountable for it. We started to think that now, more than ever, toxic behavior is unacceptable, racism is unacceptable, sexism, homophobia, hate speech are unacceptable, and it's time to determine what action we should take are going to take hold, and that's exactly what you see us doing now. "

EA is committed to employing more staff on these issues and declares that its customer service organization is now responsible for monitoring and managing accounts and behaviors. EA has already checked thousands of account names, tags, and content and removed 3,500 content, including Nazi symbols, homophobic and racist slanders, and more.

Chris Bruzzo makes it clear: "We want everyone to feel that they can play. We want that there is fair play, that there is" healthy "play and that there are healthy communities. And now is the right time to say in a very clear language that we are committed to positive play. "

Source: Gamasutra

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