After EA was the only development studio for Star Wars games on PC and console in the past few years, this will now change in the coming years. For example, Disney recently announced Lucasfilm Games, a company that will take care of projects in the universes of Star Wars or other Lucasfilm brands. The end of the exclusive partnership with EA does not mean that the publisher will publish fewer games in the future.

CEO Andrew Wilson confirmed this at the request of an investor. Among other things, he spoke about the existing brands that EA have built up together with Disney. These include the games from Star Wars Battlefront, Jedi: Fallen Order or the recently released Star Wars Squadrons. EA has already made over three billion US dollars with Star Wars. However, the CEO has not yet spoken about details of new projects.

Star Wars: Squadrons – Trailer introduces new space action game from EA Motive

However, some rumors about this have surfaced in the last few days. EA is currently working on a smaller shooter for the Sci-Fi series, which will supposedly go on sale in 2021. In the Reddit forum, fans now have a few too Hints collected about the possible development of Star Wars Battlefront 3. Accordingly, several actors from the Battlefront 2 story have recently had something to do with motion capturing and recordings in the dubbing studio. This year EA will first release the new Battlefield.

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