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Earth Defense Force 6 and Earth Defense Force: World Brothers announced two new titles in the series this week. So far, both games have only been confirmed for the Japanese market. A release in the west should follow a little later. While part 6 focuses on familiar elements, the developers try out a colorful block look in the spinoff.

Publisher D3 has announced two new Earth Defense Force games this week. In addition to a new main part, there will also be a spinoff of the action game called Earth Defense Force: World Brothers. One of the big differences here is the graphic of the title. According to the description on the website, the earth has turned into a cube, which is why the entire game world comes in a block look. Earth Defense Force: World Brothers will be released for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. You can find a screenshot below.

Earth Defense Force: World Brothers uses a significantly different look as a spinoff.

Earth Defense Force: World Brothers uses a significantly different look as a spinoff.

Source: D3

But the main series will soon be expanded with a new part with Earth Defense Force 6. Publisher D3 has not yet announced any platforms for the title. Since the release in Japan is planned for 2021, Earth Defense Force 6 could also appear for next-gen hardware. However, the makers have not yet revealed many details about the game. As usual, players have to fight alone or in a group against absurdly large insects in a destroyed urban landscape.

There is no trailer yet, but publisher D3 has already released the first screenshots from Earth Defense Force 6. You can take a look at our picture gallery at the end of the report. By the way, the spinoff should appear in stores as early as 2020. However, these dates have so far only been confirmed for Japan. When the release of the two games in the west is planned has not yet been revealed.

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