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On April 14th, the wonder hunt for Final Fantasy 14 will begin again! At this year’s Easter event you will also have the chance to win unique rewards.

With a little delay, April 14th (one day after the release of Patch 5.5 “Death Unto Dawn”) start the wonder hunt in Final Fantasy 14. As usual with Square Enix, the event will not just be repeated from last year, but will come with a fresh quest line and new rewards. If you want to take part, you should come along Jihli Aliapoh in Old Gridania (X10.2 Y9.4) and with her the quest “A feat in the chicken coop” accept.

Final Fantasy 14: Event Miracle Hunt 2021 starts on April 14th (2)

Final Fantasy 14: Event Miracle Hunt 2021 starts on April 14th (2)

Quelle: Square Enix

To make sure the effort is worth it, the developers have come up with some great rewards again. So this time you can look forward to the chicken costume, which consists of two parts (head and torso) and can also be colored. In addition, there are the two table decorations Petit-Fours-Sortiment and Saliah bags to disposal. As always, items from previous events can also be purchased from special dealers.

This year’s Easter event is scheduled to last until April 28, 2021. You can find all further information in the official announcement.

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