Most people know someone who got a real bargain on eBay and then came across something completely different. This gamer wanted a PS5 controller and got a completely different but very special gamepad.

PlayStation 5

Buying a PS5 is still difficult, but the DualSense controller is available from many retailers. A player shared a picture of one on Reddit PS5 controller he bought on eBay. But something was different about this DualSense.

The package that Reddit user Crihyde got was the original box of the DualSensewhat then came was not the desired PS controller. Crihyde held one Xbox controller in the hands someone had bothered to hold paint the gamepad in the colors of the DualSense.

Besides the lesson that everything that glitters is not gold on eBay and that you should beware of fraudsters, he now has at least a very individual Xbox controller. He can now use it on his “XStation” or “Playbox”. More ridicule can be found in the relevant Reddit thread, but many also have pity and share stories in which something similar happened to them.

Anyone who buys something on eBay should check the seller's ratings. This at least minimizes the risk of being ripped off.