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After criticism of the economy of New World came up again and again in the past few days, coupled with the fear that the financial system in the game was threatened with an imminent collapse, the developers have commented on it. You don’t seem to see any problem at the moment.

Is New World ‘s economy going to collapse soon? Anyone who has listened carefully to the Amazon MMORPG community over the past few days could come to exactly this conclusion. The editorial team of PlayerAuctions has analyzed the current financial crisis in Aeternum in detail, which caused it a blatant deflation occurs on some servers. But according to the developers everything is fine.

No cause for concern, according to Amazon

The team at Amazon said in detail in a forum post about the concerns of the players about the economic chaos:
We want a player-driven economy with minimal NPC interaction, in which gold is valuable for all players, even in the endgame. Regarding the current state of the economy: From a data standpoint, the economy is operating at an acceptable level. All servers create more money than is removed, and significantly. However, the economy in the endgame is currently more tense. If we look at the excess income by level, it is very high in the range from level 1 to 35, mediocre in the range 40 to 59 and very low at level 60. That means, as more players reach level 60, it puts more pressure on the economy off.
[…] Players are consistently generating a positive gold balance, but there is a downtrend. If this trend continues and we get closer to a negative in-out, we will do something about it. Our goal is not to bring this value to zero or to ensure that no one can accumulate wealth, instead we want to make sure that the gold balance works on every server so that gold remains valuable.

In this context, however, the developers have announced two changes that should at least partially address the gold problem:

  • Fixed the Azoth Staff bug so players can now complete high-level Breaches of the Corrupted to generate gold.
  • The outpost rush is available again.

The team also points out that players receive a 10x gold bonus for the first three faction missions per day. The developers want to make sure that this is communicated better in the interface.

Those: Amazon (via Icy-Veins)

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