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Meanwhile, at least the release period for the Japanese role-playing game Edge of Eternity has been set. As the Midgar Studiio development team announced, it should finally be ready in spring 2021. The specific date will follow in the course of the next few months.

The Japanese role-playing game Edge of Eternity has been in the early access phase since 2018. However, it was not yet known when exactly the release version was to be expected. Nothing has changed in the meantime, but at least the responsible Midgar Studio development team has narrowed the time window for the publication.

According to an official press release, Edge of Eternity will be released in spring 2021 for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One – both in North America and in Europe. A specific release date has not yet been set, but should follow in the course of the next few months. Apparently, the developers have not yet finally set themselves in stone in this regard. In addition, there is currently no more detailed information as to whether and which new content can be expected in the release version of the Japano role-playing game.

Edge of Eternity is all about the people of Heryon who are invaded by the dreaded Archelites. The latter know no mercy and spread a disease that poisons the body, distorts the limbs, and turns their victims into hideous, deformed deformities. The focus of the Japano role-playing game is the soldier named Daryon, in whose hands the fate of the world lies. Your decisions, or those of you, have a noticeable impact on the rest of the game, so you should make your choice carefully.

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Source: Midard Studio

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