Yesterday, May 3rd, we reported about a 6-second video that was supposed to show a scene from the trailer of the hotly anticipated action RPG Elden Ring. However, the scenes come from a project by 3D / Concept Artist Jack phan. The cathedral shown has nothing to do with the role play, even if it would go very well with it in terms of style.

Will Elden Ring not be released until 2022?

The Kudokawa Corp., the parent company of the developer studio From Software, has caused some speculation. Because in a financial report for the past financial year, a forecast for the next financial year was also published. Kudokawa Corp. expects less sales in this, as some planned game releases have to be postponed and the titles will only appear after March 2022, which marks the end of the next financial year.

From Software fans who are already waiting for Elden Ring now fear that the action RPG will be among the postponed titles. But that cannot be said with certainty, as there has not yet been an official release date for the title. Without knowing when Elden Ring should actually appear, one cannot speak of a release postponement.

Analyst and industry insider Daniel Ahmad believes Elden Ring will either be released after March 2022 or Kudokawa Corp. spoke of a postponement out of caution. After all, the corona pandemic, which is still raging, is affecting the development of video games and it cannot be said whether this will actually lead to delays. Perhaps the Kudokawa Corp. is forecasting. just be careful here.

Those: Kudokawa / Twitter

Elden Ring: E3 trailer for the new From Software Action RPG

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