Only yesterday we reported to you that leaked gameplay material from trailers for Elden Ring has appeared on the Internet. The short, blurry clip didn't show much, but it made many waiting fans happy. The leak came just hours after Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier announced that the game had been postponed internally, but official material could be expected soon. We delivered a corresponding update in yesterday's news.

Now follows the next wave of gameplay trailers from Elden Ring, the Souls game, which is developed in cooperation between the Dark Souls -Makers of From software and George R. R. Martin, author of Game of Thrones, emerges. In the video that we have included for you, you can find all the clips that have emerged. In total, you can expect almost two minutes of gameplay from Elden Ring, unfortunately still of only modest quality.

You can see a dragon, huge, fleshy creatures pulling wagons, the self-made hero and a skeleton warrior, among other things. Faded-in lettering shows that the material is probably part of an internally shown trailer, which was probably not intended for the public. Most likely, however, an official trailer will be published in the foreseeable future, then in significantly better quality.

Rumors that Elden Ring will soon be officially shown, has been around for a few weeks. The action RPG was announced and will be announced at E3 2019 the first open world game from From Software even though the open game world should be used differently than in comparable titles.

Elden Ring is currently planned for PS, PS4 and Xbox One, implementations for PS5 and Xbox Series X are likely, but not yet confirmed. As soon as the official revelation of the gameplay takes place, plus hopefully further information about the game, you will find out from us immediately.



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