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of Paula Brittle Field
The next episode of Electric Boogaloo will follow on Monday, January 27th. Maci and Susanne dedicate themselves to Legends of Runeterra and dive into the world of card tricks. Then David, Maci, Hannes and Paula fight for the Boogaloo crown in multiplayer in Overcooked 2 and the PS4 Playlink game Knowledge is Power.

The latest episodes of Electric Boogaloo and Multiplayer are just around the corner! On Monday, January 27th Volo Maci and special guest Susanne will try Legends of Runeterra first. Whether Maci can assert itself in the strategic card game that is playing in the world of League of Legends, or Susanne pulls it mercilessly, you can see here from 4 p.m. under the text in the stream or directly via twitch.tv!

From 5 p.m. on, David, Johannes, Paula and Maci continue to fight for the Boogaloo crown. In multiplayer, they first compete in teams of two against each other in Overcooked 2 to show who the best cook is. Then the gray matter in Knowledge is Power is tested. What do you think, who is the biggest sly guy in the group?

Do you have any wishes? What should we play in the future? Let us know in the comments below!

Broadcast schedule summarized

4 p.m .: Electric Boogaloo
Maci gambles with special guest Susanne from the buffed Legends of Runeterra

5 p.m .: Multiplayer
David, Hannes, Maci and Paula fight each other in Overcooked 2 and knowledge is power

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